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Natural Sinus Remedies

Natural sinus remedies can be tasty, easy to create and aromatic, which suffering from sinus pressure and pain can be distracting and irritating. Natural remedies may take time to be effective but are well worth the effort.


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There are many reasons sinuses become congested. Indoor, outdoor and environmental allergies are common causes for clogged sinuses. Finding natural sinus remedies may be as easy as eliminating as potential allergens. Pet dander, pollen, mold and mildew are common allergens. Mild food allergies can also cause sinuses to become congested. Colds and infections are also common causes for sinus congestion. If you have indoor allergies try removing carpet, heavy drapes and slatted window coverings. Stop using window fans, especially on high pollen days, if you have seasonal allergies. Using hot or cold compresses will relieve sinus pressure.


Cleanse Sinus and Lung Decongestant 1 oz

Most diets today contain lots of sugar. Sugar interferes with many of the bodies natural defense mechanisms. Cutting down on refined sugars like those found in soda pop, candy, cookies, baked goods and processed foods will help the boost the body’s immune system. Dairy products can be a common source of sinus congestion. Dairy products can sometimes cause stuffy noses and runny eyes. Reducing the amount of ice cream, milk and frozen treats may reduce sinus congestion. Maintaining a diet that is high in leafy green vegetables, fresh fruits and raw vegetables can also reduce sinus irritation. Allergies can also cause lethargy and reduce metabolism. Adding acai berry supplements will provide plant-based omega three acids, which have proven to boost energy levels and metabolism.


Sinus & Lung Congestion Extract 16 fl oz: HH

The nose is the body’s natural filter system for the air that we breathe. Irrigation has been one of the best natural sinus remedies for many centuries. Using a mild saline solution, water is allowed to pass from one nostril and out the other. This process using a mild saline rinses the pollens, contaminants and other small particles from the nose allowing the sinuses to work more efficiently. Commercially made Neti Pots are designed to make nasal irrigation easy. Herbal solutions including lemon balm, chamomile, garlic and onions are commonly used for nasal irrigation.

Herbal Therapies

Pure Essential Oil Lavender 2 Oz

Herbal therapies should be a part of natural sinus remedies. Lifestyle changes, diet and herbs may provide lasting relief from sinus congestion. Quick relief from colds or sudden sinus congestion may be helped by pouring hot herbal preparations into a large bowl, covering the head with a towel and inhaling the moist vapors.

Peppermint, eucalyptus, ginger, lavender and licorice root are excellent for opening up clogged sinuses. The essential oils of these herbs may be easier to use. Soothing chamomile, peppermint, spearmint, lemon balm, licorice root or ginger tea with raw honey and lemon added will ease congestion, open up the sinuses and help relieve the pain that is common when sinuses are congested. Adding a bit of Echinacea and acai berry powder to tea will help the body kick the immune system into high gear.

Empirical evidence shows that placing a touch of lavender essential oil above each eyebrow and on each cheek, will often relieve sinus congestion, drainage and headaches within a matter of minutes.


Additional Vitamin C is always helpful. Antioxidants like those found in the acai berry are also good to use when sinuses become inflamed. Increasing the amount of Vitamin C to 1500 milligrams and adding an antioxidant many help relieve the discomfort and prevent a cold from taking hold. Natural sinus remedies are plentiful. Finding the right natural therapy to suit your lifestyle and taste will be easy.

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