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Natural Menopause Remedies

HRT Menopause Combo by Bell Lifestyle - 60 Capsules

Not long ago all women used natural menopause remedies to lessen the severity of the symptoms associates with “the change of life.” Then modern medicine and science provided alternatives that appeared to be beneficial. However, recently, the artificial medications used to treat menopausal symptoms have come under harsh criticism. For many women, this means using natural remedies for this natural process could be a safer, better answer.


The hot flashes, irritability and mood swings that accompany menopause can be aggravated by certain foods and beverages, and by the same token there are some things that will help.

Artemis Menopause Tea 30g - Herbal Tea
  • Caffeine is an ingredient that is found in many beverages. Carbonated soda, energy drinks, coffee, tea and even some foods contain caffeine. Limiting or avoiding caffeine during menopause will help reduce the severity and duration of hot flashes and in some cases irritability.
  • Sugar is another substance to avoid. High quantities of sugar will cause blood sugar levels to roller coaster, which can cause mood swings, lethargy and irritability. Sugar can also limit the body’s ability to metabolize estrogen and in excess can compromise the immune system.
  • A diet that is full of fresh fruit and vegetables, plant based omega three acids, whole grains, rice and nuts will improve the body’s natural ability to metabolize hormones.
  • Using an acai berry supplement as one of your natural menopause remedies will help stabilize blood sugar levels, provide omega three acids and boost the immune system.


Complete Menopause Multivitamin 60 Tabs

Vitamins should be a part of all natural menopause remedies. Even if a diet is well balanced and full of the right foods, menopause causes changes that can weaken bones. Adding 1500 milligrams of calcium, 400 milligrams of Vitamin E, 500 milligrams of Vitamin E and Magnesium and up to 1500 milligrams of Vitamin C per day will help the body utilize foods, especially healthy foods better. Vitamin E helps reduce hot flashes, Vitamin C repairs capillaries and encourages the absorption of Vitamin E, and Magnesium helps the body absorb Calcium. After menopause, many women break bones needlessly due to the reduction in bone calcium.


Pure Essence's Transitions Herbs for Menopause 60Vcaps

The best natural menopause remedies generally contain Black Cohosh. This amazing herb has been used alone or in combination with chamomile, evening primrose oil, and St. John’s wort or milk thistle for centuries. When choosing an herbal menopause therapy, begin with a single herb. Add additional herbs as needed. If an allergic reaction occurs when using a combination herbal remedy, it will be difficult to determine which herb is causing the problem. It is important to choose an herbal remedy from a company that is certified organic, does not use chemical binders or artificial ingredients. Herbal treatments take time to work. It may take a month of continuous use before seeing any benefit.

Lifestyle Changes

Meno-Mize  Herbal Menopause Support  60 Tablets

Menopause causes more than hot flashes and emotional highs and lows. Metabolism slows which can cause weight gain. Staring an exercise program is an excellent way to work off irritability ward off unwanted pounds. Hot flashes are uncomfortable, but layering clothing allows them to be removed during a hot flash without calling attention to the situation. Lowering the thermostat and using damp cloths are also ways to stay cool during an unexpected hot flash.

Exploring the many natural menopause remedies will allow an individualized program that will help reduce the symptoms of this normal process. Menopause is not an affliction but a normal phase of womanhood. Finding natural remedies to ease the way during this time is worth the effort.

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