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Natural Colon Cleanser

Using a natural colon cleanser helps rid the digestive track of undigested food and restores the natural digestive balance that is essential to good health. Before deciding on a colon cleanser, take the time to learn about the different types that are available.

How a Colon Cleanser Works

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For some people, bad dietary habits, medical conditions, stress and the lack of exercise can cause undigested food to accumulate in the colon. Recent medical studies indicate that this build up may cause polyps to develop. Most colon polyps are benign and easily removed by a minor surgical procedure, however avoiding the development of polyps is easier than undergoing a surgical procedure. Colon cleansing uses diet, fasting and herbal formulas that have a laxative affect to flush the colon of built-up foods. Irrigation is another method of flushing the colon.


Some natural colon cleanser therapies require fasting. Not all colon cleaners require complete fasting, but instead allow fruit juices, broths and fresh fruits to help loosen the content of the intestines and colon. Eating a single type of fruit for each meal is a common colon cleansing method. Drinking raw vegetable and fruit juice is also a common fasting program for cleansing the colon. Drinking acai berry beverages will provide vitamins, minerals and omega three acids during any fast and provides many nutritional benefits.

Herbal Cleansing

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During a fast, many herbal teas can be consumed. Choosing herbal teas that have a mild laxative effect will produce a gentle flushing of the colon. Drinking lots of water is beneficial but especially when cleansing the colon. Weak dandelion, ginger and angelica tea will help loosen any material that has built up in the intestinal tract or colon. Burdock, yellow dock and licorice will also soften and help expel any undigested food. When drinking herbal teas during a colon cleanse avoid the use of sweeteners and dairy products. These can interfere with the natural processes of the tea. Psyllium can be used as a mild laxative during a colon cleanse and can become an important part of a healthy diet plan.

Colon Cleansing Diet

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Specialized diets have been designed that clean the intestines and colon of accumulated food and toxins are an alternative to fasting. Natural colon cleanser diets consist mainly of raw vegetables and fruits. Fruits can be fresh or frozen but not canned as those contain sugars which in should be avoided. Alcohol and dairy products are also to be avoided. Rice including cakes, milk and crackers can be eaten sparingly. Lentils are the preferred legume but small amounts of other beans can be eaten. Quinoa, millet and amaranth may also be eaten in small quantities while cleaning the colon naturally. Edible rhubarb cooked and sweetened with pear juice is a way to add flavor and substance while undertaking a colon cleanse. Unsalted seeds may be added to salads using cider vinegar as a dressing. Maintaining proper nutrition during a colon cleanse is very important. Taking a multi-vitamin daily and using acai berry powder as a beverage will ensure that the body has the proper nutrients necessary while on a colon cleansing diet.

The body is a machine. How that machine is maintained will determine how it performs. Using a natural colon cleanser regularly can be looked at as giving your body an oil change. Changing a cars oil regularly helps to keeping running smoothly for decades, cleansing your colon may provide the same benefit.

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