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Natural Bodybuilder

Finding a natural bodybuilder to help build muscles correctly is not difficult. Striving for great muscle tone and a sculptured look is hard work. Before buying a gym membership or pumping iron, consider the things necessary to build muscle tissue. There are many natural foods, supplements and herbal preparations that will help build the body you desire.

Getting Started

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When getting started on a natural bodybuilder program it is important to adhere to a proper dietary plan. Unlike other diets, a bodybuilder needs specific types of foods at certain times during the day. Breakfast is the most important meal for anyone but especially for someone who is trying to achieve a greater muscle to fat ratio. Eating more carbohydrates in the morning allows the body to use these compounds effectively. A body at rest stores excess food in the form of fat. Bodybuilders try to avoid this process and generally eat many small meals throughout the day. By eating smaller meals more often the body automatically speeds up the metabolic process. These in turn allows the body to burn fat quicker and build more muscle.

vitamins & minerals

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Supplements that are natural bodybuilders include acai berry, protein powders, vitamins and minerals. Acai berry is an amazing, tasty fruit that contains all the vitamins, omega acids, fiber and antioxidants that a body at work requires. To get the benefits of the various supplements might require the purchase of many products in order to achieve what two glasses of acai berry powder in water could. Food is always the best choice for vitamins and mineral intake. Bodybuilders use these substances quickly while building muscle mass and may require additional amounts of Vitamins C, E, calcium and B vitamins. Taking a multi-vitamin will help but additional vitamin and mineral supplements may be needed.

Caloric Needs

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Bodybuilding takes dedication and determination. This activity is more than just a type of weight loss program since it replaces fat with muscle. Most bodybuilders maintain their routines for the rest of their lives in order to maintain their muscle tone and definition. Average people who are not overweight must ingest at least 1800 calories per day to maintain their weight. Eating less calories will result in weight loss. Every type of exercise burns up calories. The type and duration of exercise determines how many calories are burned. Bodybuilders work out often and may require as many as 2500 calories per day to develop larger muscles. There is a great deal of information on the caloric needs for natural bodybuilders. Using this information, anyone can easily determine the proper daily caloric intake.


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Natural bodybuilder supplements are available almost everywhere. Supplements made from naturally occurring compounds are preferred by body builders. Whey protein has been a staple supplement for bodybuilders for decades. Whey is easily digested and contains high amounts of protein. Casein is another milk-based protein that takes longer for the body to absorb. Adding acai berry to either whey or casein will add extra vitamins, omega three acids, fiber and vitamins while enhancing palatability. Today’s body builders suggest that whey be taken in the morning and after workouts. Combining whey and casein in the afternoon as part of a post work out regiment allows the body to use the fast absorption of whey and the slower absorption of casein to repair and build muscle tissues. Casein taken before bedtime helps reduce the natural sleep fasting preventing muscle loss.

There are many natural bodybuilder supplements. Always check the ingredients to ensure that the supplement does not contain additional sugars, fillers or by-products. Working to build the perfect body can have a significant affect on a person’s lifestyle.

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