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Natural Anti Aging

Natural anti aging therapies include creams, lotions, diets and exercise. Using a combination of these, plus a few additional regimens can help people overcome some of the most common signs of aging.


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There are many natural anti aging creams and lotions for the skin. Some are specifically formulated for use only on the hands, feet and face. These products help to restore the elasticity of aging skin that may prevent wrinkles, age lines and the dryness that is common for aging skin. Environmental pollutants and exposure to the sun are two things that everyone should avoid. Using sunscreen, avoiding excessive tanning and protecting the skin by wearing loose long sleeved shirts and pants when entering a heavily polluted environment will protect the skin and prevent premature aging.


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The affects of stress on the mind and body are well known. Stress can also affect the skin and contribute to the aging process. One of the easiest natural anti aging treatments is to learn to reduce and eliminate stress. Meditation, herbal teas such as chamomile or mint, aromatherapy and relaxing herbal baths or steams can become part of a natural anti aging regiment. Exercise will also help reduce stress while promoting good health. Walking for an hour everyday is a good way to relieve stress, work off irritation and calm frazzled nerves.

Avoid Alcohol and Tobacco

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The use of tobacco is beginning to declining. Using tobacco products robs the body of oxygen and can age the skin and body prematurely. Alcohol has a similar affect but can be more detrimental to brain cells than tobacco. Smokers who quit find that their skin becomes more radiant and that their energy levels and stamina improve. Excessive drinking takes a toll on more than just the body. Curbing the amount of alcohol consumed will have many benefits including a natural anti aging therapy.

Anti Aging Herbs

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Most herbal anti aging formulas available contain plant substances that are high in emollients. These organic compounds are soothing to the skin and may help restore the cellular balance of the skin. It is important to know that some herbal creams, lotions and salves use petroleum by-products. When purchasing an herbal anti aging cream be sure to read the ingredient list. Creams should contain nut or seed oil, beeswax, plant resin or gum and a natural plant emollients. Some herbal anti aging creams add Vitamin E to their preparations, which can help heal, and sooth dry skin. Aloe Vera, ginseng, rose, yarrow, chamomile, hibiscus and lily are common anti aging herbs that are added to anti aging skin creams.

Diet and Vitamins

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Keeping a youthful appearance will require more than a good skin cream and protection from the elements. A diet rich in leafy green vegetables, fresh fruits and vegetables and high in antioxidants including melons, berries, grapes and acai berries will benefit the body and help keep the skin looking young. Omega three acids are an important part of any healthy diet. In addition to acai berry, fresh fish, walnuts, flaxseed and flaxseed oil, soy oil and linseed oil are rich in omega three acids. Adding 400 milligrams of Vitamin E and up to 1500 milligrams of Vitamin C will also help provide the nutrition skin needs to repair and replace the natural oils that are lost during the aging process.

Finding natural anti aging preparations is easy. Making lifestyle and dietary changes are as important as using an emollient, protecting the skin from pollutants and using sunscreen.

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