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Freeze Dried Acai Berry

Freeze-dried Acai berry products are a great way to ensure that you get the full range of Acai berry health benefits. Freeze-drying is a process where the berries are carefully frozen and then dehydrated in order to preserve the flavor and nutritional content.

The freeze-drying process is very expensive and slow, but once Acai berries are freeze-dried, they have an even higher ORAC score than fresh Acai berries. This is because the pulp of the berry is used, which is the part where most of the nutrients are located. Acai products can be freeze-dried, spray dried or frozen, and most people believe that freeze-drying the berries tends to be the best of these methods.

When Acai berries are freeze dried, they will have the same smell and flavor of the original Acai berry, but they will last longer and can be converted into a form that is easier to ingest. Freeze-dried Acai berry is often turned into a powder made of the pulp of the berry. This powder is easier to eat, mix in with a drink or put into capsules that can be taken orally.

Acai berries are highly perishable and their nutritional benefits lose potency over time. This is a problem since the berries are only grown in the Amazon rain forest on Brazil. The climate in the United States is not conducive to growing Acai berries. It takes a long time to pick and ship the berries and by the time they arrive, they will usually have already spoiled or at least lost a significant amount of their nutrients.

The freeze-drying process turns these perishable berries into a non-perishable form that can last as long as fifteen years. Buying freeze-dried Acai berry products also ensures that the nutrients will still be present in the berry at their full potency.

Another benefit of using freeze-drying the Acai berry is that there are no additives or preservatives required to conduct the freeze-drying process. Many methods of preserving Acai berries involve adding extra chemicals to the berries, but with freeze- drying, the berries can be preserved in their natural form with all the nutrients intact. The only thing that is done to them is to eliminate the water and nothing is added. This way, you can enjoy Acai berries in as close to their natural state as possible.

Many people observe that freeze-dried Acai berry tastes better than other methods of preserving Acai berries. Again, this is most likely due to the fact that there are no preservatives or unnecessary chemicals added to the berries in the freeze-drying process.

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