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Dried Acai Berry

Dried Acai berry retains all of the health and nutritional benefits of the fresh fruit. All fruits have a limited shelf life and require some method of preservation to retain their health benefits. Dehydrated or freeze-dried, the antioxidant, vitamin and dietary fiber benefits fruits are preserved.


Once picked the Acai berry must be processed quickly. Some manufacturers remove the seeds, which are pressed into Acai oil before the pulp is dehydrated. The pulp must be dehydrated within 24 hours of picking. After the pulp is dehydrated, it is powdered and vacuum-sealed to preserve freshness. Acai powder can be put into capsules, added to drinks and smoothies or sprinkled on food.


Freeze-dried foods have an extended shelf life. Some freeze-dried fruits can be stored in the original package for a decade. Acai berries, like most small fruits, can be freeze-dried whole. The berries can also be processed into pulp, freeze dried and powdered. Freeze-drying ensures that all the vitamins and nutritional value of the fruit are retained. Unlike freeze-dried, dehydrated fruits must be soaked in water if they are to be used as an addition to yogurt or cereal. Whole freeze-dried berries can be eaten without soaking, with a texture that is unique. For those who like crunchy tasty snacks, the uses for freeze-dried Acai berries are limitless.


Once the Acai berry is dehydrated or freeze-dried, the product can be prepared in many ways. Acai powder can be added to any beverage. Putting dried Acai powder in slushies and smoothies adds health benefits to drinks that may not be as healthy as they are refreshing. Adding a spoonful of Acai powder to hot or cold tea will impart a slightly fruity taste. Dried Acai berry powder can be added to all types of fruit and vegetable juices, drink mix powders and plain water. Herbal teas flavored with Acai powder provide an extra boost of nutritional and health benefits.


As with most supplements, dried Acai berry comes in a wide variety of sizes and types. Some manufacturers are certified organic Acai berry producers. Organic products do not use any synthetic or non-animal or plant based insecticides or herbicides on their trees. Purchasing small amounts of any product will be more expensive than purchasing the product in bulk.

Packaging & Shelf Life

Freeze-dried Acai berry powders do not require any type of special storage if the package remains unopened. Dehydrated Acai berry powder has a limited shelf life.


The shelf life of dehydrated products can be extended if it is kept in a refrigerator or freezer. Dried Acai powder in bottles should be kept in a cool, dark environment such as your refrigerator. Keeping products of this type in the bathroom or kitchen is not advisable as the temperature and humidity fluctuation can cause the product to degrade.

The health and nutritional benefits of dried Acai berry will remain the same whether the berry is freeze dried or dehydrated.

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