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Acai Scam

The Acai scam has spread because of those preying on the gullibility of their victims. Usually, these scammers offer free trials of their Acai berry products. Be careful when dealing with these companies because they may cost you time and money.

How Acai Scams Work

An Acai product scam usually involves "free" trials of an Acai product that only requires you to pay $3.00 to $5.00 for shipping. What you do not know is that the scammer will then hit your credit card for a monthly charge that can range from $30 or to $90. This is justified by a statement in the fine print or "Terms of Service" about this monthly charge. To make things worse, the moment you receive the "free" bottle, your card will be charged for that as well. The irony is you end up paying more.

How to Check for Scam Companies

Any "free" trial offer for an Acai berry product should set off alarms and have you asking questions. Before you purchase the product or giving your credit card information, make sure you ask for the seller's credentials and read the fine print. Once you have this data, you can decide if you want to take a chance that the company is reliable. If they refuse to hand over these details, then chances are they are scamming you. Once you have been the victim of such a scam, you may find it very difficult to cancel your subscription.

Signs of Acai Berry Scam

To be able to identify an Acai berry scam, consider these points:

  • FREE trials - Any site that offers free trials on Acai products may be operating a scam. In addition to fraudulent charges on your credit card, there have been numerous reports of their products being very poor quality.
  • Difficulty in Canceling a Subscription - If you have trouble trying to cancel a subscription, chances are you've been scammed. The scammers want to prevent you from cancelling your subscription as long as possible so they can continue to charge your credit card.
  • No Customer Support - Whether by phone or email, Acai scammers will fail to provide any type of customer service. The failure to provide any contact information is just another way to prevent their victims from making phone complaints or canceling their orders.

How to Stop Acai Berry Scam Companies

In order to stop Acai scam companies, you can consider reporting and complaining to the Better Business Bureau or the Federal Trade Commission. They offer you information and assistance should you believe you have been the victim of a scam.

Unfortunately, the number of websites perpetrating the Acai product scam have skyrocketed on the internet. These companies work on the consumer's neglect in reading the fine print and their desire to get something free. To avoid becoming a victim, read any fine print, make sure there is contact information, and watch out for those enticing FREE offers.

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