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Acai Diet

With the growing interest in natural foods, many people are adopting an Acai diet as a way to lose weight, improve their health and increase their overall vitality. A nutritious diet also plays a major role in the deterrent and even treatment of many health conditions. There are a number of products that promote weight loss by the benefits of Acai berries.

Only Natural Ultimate Acai Diet

Ultimate Acai Diet 32 OZ

Only Natural, a company that has specialized in producing natural vitamins and health supplements since 1986, makes this dietary supplement. This supplement is in liquid form for quick and easy absorption. It is made with organic Acai pulp, using amino acids, sea vegetables, vitamins, herbs and minerals. Rich in antioxidants, the recommended daily dosage is between two and four tablespoons, three times a day. Include a large glass of water and take 15 minutes before each meal. A capsule form is also available.

Factor Nutrition Labs Acai Factor Dietary Supplement

Factor Nutrition Labs Acai Factor Dietary Supplement - 60 tab

As any type of weight loss program can run the risk of nutritional deficiency, this Acai diet product provides a host of essential vitamins and minerals. This supplement is produced by Factor Nutrition Labs, which boasts of the high standards it uses in producing all of its health promoting products. Recommended dosage is a daily serving of four tablets. Tablets are free of the stimulants caffeine, ephedra and ma huang.

Natrol Acai Diet Capsules

Natrol Acai Diet Caps - 60 caps

Acai has twice as much oxygen radical absorbance capacity, or ORAC value, as blueberries, and this product takes advantage of the powerful nutritional value of the Acai berry. These dietary capsules are meant to be taken twice daily with meals. Natrol, a leader in producing dietary supplements since 1980, makes these capsules. The capsules are free of egg, soy, milk, yeast and wheat. There are no added artificial flavors or colors and Acai Diet Caps are preservative free. Earth's Bounty Supplements Acai - 500 mg- 90 vegi cap

Zola Acai Daily Wellness Shot

Zola Acai Acai Daily Wellness Shot, 32 oz

Getting enough fiber in a diet can be difficult. Fiber plays a major role in suppressing the appetite as it creates the sensation of fullness. The Acai Daily Wellness Shot by Zola Acai harnesses the fiber content of Acai and helps support the immune system while boosting energy. Take a shot one time daily of this liquid dietary supplement to give your body the benefits of the powerful antioxidant properties of Acai. Zola Acai Acai Daily Wellness Shot, 32 oz

ToGo Acai Energy Boost

ToGo Brands Acai Energy-Natural Energy Boost - 24 packets

For a tasty way to flavor any bottle of water while getting a powerful mix of antioxidants and vitamins, ToGo makes an Energy Boost powder in handy packets. Along with natural Acai, each packet contains compounds made from guarana, green tea, yerba mate and the extract chocamine, derived from dark chocolate. One packet will flavor an eight-ounce bottle of water or two packets for 16-ounce bottles. Shake well and enjoy.

Good 'N Natural Acai Softgels

This company has been producing quality supplements since 1980. The Acai Softgels provide an easy way to supplement any Acai diet with a dose of antioxidants to protect the heart, skin and eyes from the damage of free radicals. These soft gels contain 1000mg of Acai extract. Recommended dosage is two gels daily with meals. Good n' Natural Acai, 1000 mg- 120 soft gels


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