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Acai Diabetes

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Many researchers believe that there is an Acai diabetes link. There is some evidence that eating Acai berries may help people with diabetes improve their condition. Acai berries may help people who are high risk for diabetes lower their chance at getting the disease.

Controls Weight

A major risk factor for developing diabetes is being overweight. Acai berries combined with diet and exercise can help people lower their weight significantly, putting them at less risk for diabetes. Acai berries are full of fiber, which leads an increased feeling of fullness. This causes you to eat less, which will contribute to weight loss.

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Insulin Levels

Diabetes indicates a problem with insulin levels in the body. Insulin is a hormone that helps regulate how glucose is metabolized. Acai berries can help regulate your body's insulin levels, which can help greatly improve the health of diabetics. Acai does this by assisting in the healing of cell metabolisms.

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Strengthens Immune System

Acai berries also help the body strengthen its immune system. The immune system is often compromised as a result of diabetes. People who take Acai berries do not get as sick and feel better more quickly. This connection between Acai diabetes can greatly affect the quality of life of many diabetics.

Strengthens the Heart

Acai berries contain Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, which may help strengthen the heart. Diabetes causes rapid cellular deterioration, which can negatively impact and weaken the heart. The connection between Acai diabetes can combat this and lessen the risk for heart-related diabetes complications.

Daily Serving of Fruit

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Acai berries also count as a fruit for people who are attempting to get in their five servings of fruits and vegetables each day. People who do not get these fruits and vegetables get fewer of the necessary nutrients and are less healthy. They also have a much higher likelihood of getting diabetes due to the fact that they are not getting the necessary nutrients. Acai berries count as a serving of fruit and help decrease the likelihood of getting diabetes.

Natural Fructose

Many diabetics worry that eating Acai berries may have a negative impact on their diabetes and make it worse due to the high amount of sugar. However, the sugar contained in Acai berries is natural fructose, which is safe and healthy as long as it is consumed in reasonable amounts.

Moderation is Best

Eating too much of this natural fructose can have negative side effects, but eating Acai berries in moderation can ultimately help prevent or get rid of diabetes. In fact, a complete lack of sugar can lead to binge eating, where the body attempts to make up for the absence of sugar. While bingeing, most people will consume considerably more sugar than is healthy.

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Eating a reasonable amount of foods with natural fructose, including Acai berries, can actually help keep your sugar level down by preventing over eating. The Acai diabetes connection can increase the quality of life and health of diabetics and pre-diabetics.


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