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Acai Berry Supplement

An Acai berry supplement is an excellent way to derive all the great antioxidants and health benefits of the Acai berry. With the increasing evidence of the benefits of the Acai berry, it now described as a miracle food. Grown on trees in the Amazon rain forest, the Acai berry holds great nutrients and is a great compliment to food making it a versatile and beneficial fruit.

Acai Powder - RioLife Organic Freeze Dried Acai 150g

Being that the Acai berry goes rancid extremely fast, shipping the berries from the Amazon rain forest to the U.S. is impossible. However, there are several processes to preserve the nutrients of the Acai berry so that those of us not living near the rain forest can reap the benefits as well. These processes can allow for consumption of the berry in liquid form, powder and capsule form.

Liquid Acai dietary supplements offer a convenient way to lose weight. Concord grape juice may be added for flavor. This supplement helps to improve energy and overall general wellness. Liquid supplements should be refrigerated after opening.


Liquid supplements can be easier to digest as opposed to capsules. Nutrarev, produced by Peter Gillham's natural vitality, targets their product towards anti-aging. Capsules must be broken down and liquefied in order to be absorbed. Nutrarev's liquid formula is easier to absorb, especially for those with weaker digestive systems.

When the Acai berry is processed into capsules, a process called "flash-freezing" is used. During this process, the berry is frozen and the pulp is dehydrated. This process is used to produce capsules, and there is a higher concentration of nutrients contained during the "flash-freezing" process.

An Acai berry supplement in capsule form can contain many specific ingredients targeted to certain specific needs. Weight loss, energy or even as added nutrition. Since capsules do not require refrigeration, they are one of the more convenient ways of getting your Acai berry supplement.


Zola Acai Organic Acai Brazilian Superfruit Juice,  Tropical Blend, 12 Units 12 oz

Biogenix created an impressive antioxidant by using the power of the Acai berry. Therm Acai works not only as an antioxidant but as a fat burner as well, thus making it the number one selling fat loss supplement that is combined with an antioxidant. Not only does it help rid your body of excess fat buildup, but it aids in preventing it as well.

There have been no known adverse reactions to Acai berries or the supplements, as they are a natural food. One should still keep in mind that this is still a fairly new food and research is still being done on the Acai berry. If any signs of an allergic reaction are noticed, the supplements should be stopped. As with any allergic reaction if signs of a severe allergic reaction are noticed, medical help should be sought immediately.

An Acai berry supplement can be used for a variety of many reasons, though weight loss seems to be the most popular. Supplements can be used for a needed natural boost of energy as well. No matter what health goals you wish to reach, Acai supplements could prove to be beneficial in reaching them.

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