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Acai Berry Research

Acai berry research has caught the attention of people around the world who are looking for natural ways to improve and enhance their lives and health. Researchers have carefully analyzed this small berry for its nutritional benefits and ability to help the body resist the effects of aging and aid in health.

Texas AgriLife Research - Antioxidant Absorption

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Scientists at Texas AgriLife Research published the results of their Acai berry research study in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry. The study's purpose was to find out if the human body absorbs acai berry antioxidants and to determine the body's response, then to be able recommend optimal dosages. Of particular interest was the antioxidant activity in blood and urine samples after test subjects drank acai pulp and acai juice. Comparison was then made to results found when the test subjects consumed control foods of applesauce and a non-antioxidant drink.  Blood samples taken at 12-hour and 24-hour intervals revealed that there was a significant increase in amount of antioxidant in the bloodstream for those who consumed the acai berry products.

University of Florida - Cancer Cell Response

Acai berry research conducted by the University of Florida looked at the ability of acai extracts to effect leukemia cells. The research used chemical extracts made from the pulp of the acai fruit, each at a different level of concentration. They then applied the various extracts on cell-cultures of leukemia cells and checked the results 24 hours later. Published in 2006 in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, the study found that between 35 and 86 percent of the leukemia cell-cultures, which received the extracts, showed signs of self-destruction. This type of reaction to the acai extract was encouraging to the researchers, although they caution that these are early findings in a lab environment.

Natural and Medicinal Products Research - Antioxidants

Acai Freeze Dried Powder Concentrate by Acai Roots - 1/4 Pound

A 2006 acai berry study by the Natural and Medical Products research organization looked at the antioxidant capacity of the acai berry in freeze-dried form and possible health benefits. The study noted the effects of acai against free radicals and its oxygen radical absorption rating. This rating, known as the ORAC rating, is the standard used to determine the antioxidant values of different foods. This study reported that the acai berry rated very high superoxide scavenging ability, much higher than any other tested fruit.

NIS Labs - Pain Reduction and Range of Motion

This acai berry research study, conducted by the NIS labs of Klamath Falls, Oregon, and published in 2008, looked at what changes occurred in pain levels and range of motion after participants consumed acai berry/fruit juice blend product by Mona Vie. The participants each were experiencing pain and limits in their daily range of motion activities. After 12 weeks of daily consumption of four ounces of Mona Vie blend, each participant reported on any changes or improvements they experienced in movement and pain. The results indicated greater range of motion ability and lower levels of pain as experienced by the study subjects.


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Acai Berry Research
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