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Acai Berry Capsules

Only Natural ACAI CAPSULES - 60 caps

Acai berry capsules are produced by processing the Acai berries before being encapsulated. As soon as the berry is picked from the tree, the pulp is frozen by a process called "flash freezing." Once frozen the pulp is then dehydrated. This process helps to keep the nutrients of the berry as well as extend the shelf life.

Source Naturals ACAI Extract 500 mg 120 Capsules

Surprisingly during the freeze-drying process, a higher concentration of nutrients is contained as opposed to the fresh fruit itself. The reason for this is because during the dehydration process most of the water is removed.

Acai 1,000 mg 60 vegetarian capsules: K

Being that the Acai berry is 30-50% fat, Because of their high fat content Acai berries go rancid very quickly, therefore making it almost impossible to ship from the Amazon Rain Forest to the U.S. This is where the freeze-drying process plays in. Once freeze-dried, the finished product is put into capsules to be taken any place or any time. This makes them a great alternative to other Acai berry products.

Only Natural's Ultimate Acai Diet Capsules 90Caps

Aside from the normal benefits from the Acai berry itself, other benefits of the capsules, include targeted goals that one would like to carry out. From body cleansing, weight loss, antioxidant power, to detox cleansing the capsules are a great choice, no matter what your goals are. Even if you are just looking for a convenient way to reap the natural health benefits from the Acai berry, Acai berry capsules are a great place to start.

Nature's Herbs Acai Fruit Extract Capsules - 60 caps

The most prominent uses of the Acai berry are weight loss, cleansing and digestive health. The extract has been shown to be greatly beneficial in the flushing of excess pounds out of the body, increasing energy levels, removing toxins and fighting against fatigue. Acai berry capsules are an excellent and convenient way to aid in your goals you wish to meet.

The Acai berry capsules have been said to be easier to use than the powders, and cheaper than the juices. This could prove to be beneficial for the person that seeks to reap the benefits of the product but needs a cheaper or more convenient way to do so.

Nature's Way Acai Berry Caps 1080 Mg - 60 Capsules

Acai berry products contain the same ingredients as Acai berry juice, powder, etc. The same amount of antioxidants and vitamins are contained in the capsule. Ingredients, percentage DV, as well as amount to take can all be found on the label. Be sure the follow the label directions exactly, to reap the greatest benefits.

There are no known adverse allergic reactions to the Acai berry capsules, other than those rarely found in common Acai berry products. These adverse allergic reactions include those similar to those with hay fever, etc. If any other symptoms are noticed, they should be discussed with your doctor, and of course, if any severe allergic reaction symptoms develop, medical help should be sought immediately.

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